Build Your Brakes to Increase Velocity

It is not too late to build your arm strength for the upcoming season, but the clock is ticking. When we refer to arm strength, most people think we are referring to your ability to accelerate a baseball, however this is not the most critical component of arm strength. The decelerating muscles of your arm, the brakes for your arm, need to be the primary focus for all ball players.

Shoulder Activation: The Most Essential Phase of Arm Care

Crossover Symmetry’s Activation is the first and most important of the four Crossover Symmetry’s Arm Care Phases, (Activation, Recovery, Plyometric and Iron Scap). It is critical to build the right balance when it comes to scapular (shoulder blade) foundation muscles, rotator cuff control (four shoulder muscles) and transfer of energy from the legs, core and shoulder to the arm…