FAQ – Hip & Core

Do the programs in the CS Hip & Core System target the Glutes?

Absolutely!!! The Glutes are one of the primary focuses of every program in the system. You can’t have a hip & core system and not work the Glutes. Trust us, you’ll feel the burn.

How were the exercises selected for each program?

The programming for the CS Hip & Core System was developed based on peer reviewed research examining injury risk factors, biomechanics and EMG muscle activation studies. Each exercise has a specific purpose and is progressive in nature building upon the prior exercises.

What are the main differences between the Hip HALO and other products on the market?

The exercises in the CS Hip & Core System demanded specific resistance and range of motion characteristics that other products didn’t have. So we built our own product to meet these demands.

The Hip HALO features a greater range of motion with a more even resistance. The padding is easily cleaned, contours to the leg for comfortable movement, and is durable enough for years of daily use. The Hip HALO comes in three resistance options to adapt to any strength level. Finally, we built a complete training system around the Hip HALO so you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

What’s included with the Hip and Core System?

When you purchase the Hip and Core System you will get the Hip HALO and the complete training system:

Hip HALO- available in 3 resistances
Double-sided Exercise Chart
Programs for Activation, Strength, Plyometrics & ACL Injury Prevention.
30-Day Rehab programs for Low Back and Knee pain.
50 Training Videos and Training Guide (pdf)

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