Don’t Let Knee Pain Stop You

Get the equipment & training to self-rehab your knee to get back in the game.

Rehab from Home for a Fraction of the Cost

How Self Rehab Works

  • 1

    Customize your equipment Select the proper resistance level for use at home, the gym, or office.

  • 2

    Get instant access to the Training Zone Watch the video instruction for your rehab exercises and learn ways to modify it for pain.

  • 3

    Follow the 30-Day Fix Program Follow a daily program that will steadily improve your strength and mobility in 5 - 15 minutes a day.

  • 4

    Track your progress Use the weekly progress tests to track your improvements and advance you when you’re ready.

Strong, Mobile Hips Makes For Happy Knees

Use the Hip & Core System to take the strain off your knees by strengthening weak hips and quickly restoring proper, pain free movement.

The Hip & Core System includes a 30 Day Knee Fix program designed by medical professionals to safely, end your knee pain in 30 days.


I have been using this for my PT exercises to strengthen my knees and I cannot believe the difference this is making! It's hard work but I am seeing the results!

Katie MogelVerified Buyer

Game changer - I have never had something so simple change my running so profoundly. As an ultra-marathoner, I've been plagued with injuries for much of my running career but the last two months have me running over 260 miles, per month, which is more than I've ever run. And I've felt great ever since with no hip or knee issues.

Emily RyanVerified Buyer (Washington DC)

Purchased Red Hip & Core for knee injury that keeps flaring up to build up stability and strength. Love the Training Zone access with the specific exercise plans laid out day by day according to if you need to use it for pain/ recovery or just regular day to day exercise. Exercises are really helpful for warming up and stretching out before and after walking/jog.

D AndersonVerified Buyer (Argyle, TX)

You Have Nothing To Lose Except The Pain

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Get Ahead of Your Pain with Stronger Hip & Core Muscles

Learn how the hip and core system will guide you to a body that's built to perform.